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Procedure for registration of an International company in Seychelles

The island nation of Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of the hundreds of small islands, most of which are uninhabited. The Seychelles archipelago is located to the South of in the Indian ocean. The local population is mainly engaged in fishing and agriculture. However, a tourism industry has been actively developing on the Islands over the last decade. Today the island nation possesses an international air haven and a modern infrastructure.

Nowadays, Seychelles is a popular tourist destination that offers luxury resorts, exotic nature, golden sandy beaches, and a high level of service.

However, that is not the only attraction that makes the Republic of Seychelles popular in the international arena. This jurisdiction is popular with the representatives of the international business as an offshore zone that provides a favourable tax climate. Thousands of companies that carry out their activities all around the world are registered in the jurisdiction of Seychelles every year.

Seychelles offshore jurisdiction – legal status

An offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles was created in 1994, and 20 years later, the jurisdiction obtained a status of the most popular classical offshore zone in the region. The number of international companies, which are registered in Seychelles and take the advantages of the jurisdiction, is growing annually.

The following benefits and opportunities are worth to be singled out among the numerous advantages of this offshore jurisdiction:

  • Maximally simplified and not time-consuming procedure for company registration – the local corporate law provides for the possibility of incorporating an international company in one day;
  • Relatively low fees for a company registration renewal — a minimal fee is charged annually for the Seychelles offshore company registration renewal;
  • Confidentiality of information – all the information about the ultimate beneficiaries of the offshore companies is kept secret and inaccessible to the third parties.
  • Positive reputation of the jurisdiction in the international arena – the Republic of Seychelles is a member of the British Commonwealth and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development what gives the island nation a reputation of a well-regulated offshore territory and provides international companies with a preferential access to the new regional markets.

Seychelles: the available financial instruments

The various financial tools, which are available in Seychelles, can be divided into several categories.

The first category is related to the activities that require obtaining a special state license, in particular:

  • Public and hedge funds;
  • Banking activities;
  • Activities in the fields of insurance and reinsurance;
  • Participation in the financial exchanges and brokerage activities;
  • Registration of ships and aircrafts.

The category of international offshore entities includes the International Business Companies.

Thus, a variety of financial tools in the jurisdiction of Seychelles is a key to the effective international planning and the opportunity for creating a competitive, efficient and profitable business.

Seychelles Islands – registration of an international business company

The requirements for registering International business companies in Seychelles:

  • To register a company You will need at least one shareholder and one director. Besides, their functions may be performed by one person of any nationality;
  • Legal entities may act as the shareholders and managers of an international company;
  • The procedure for registration is carried out in English and the registered company must have a unique

The procedure of state registration involves several sequential stages, in particular:

Preliminary phase

  1. Choosing a name for an international business company;
  2. Determining the amount of the shares of the shareholders and appointment of the company director;
  3. Preparation of information about the company shareholders and executives, as well as obtaining a legal address of the company (provided by the local agent).

Filing of documents

The list of documents that are submitted to the state registration authority together with the application form includes:

  1. Copies of international passports of shareholders and appointed managers;
  2. Certificates of the securities;
  3. Incorporation documents of the registered legal entity;
  4. Registers of the shareholders and directors of the company;
  5. Resolutions on the issuance of shares, the legal address and the place of storing the primary accounting documentation;
  6. Concession of the appointed director.

The procedure for registration of an international company with nominee services requires submission of the additional set of documents that includes:

  • General power of attorney in the name of the ultimate beneficiary of the company and the corresponding resolution;
  • Declaration of trust of the nominee directors and shareholders.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the jurisdiction of Seychelles provides an alternative to registering an international business company. You can always opt for purchasing the already registered and well structured company. In this case, you get an opportunity to save time and acquire a fully established international business in the shortest possible time. Read the article “Offshore Company: Purchasing a ready made company vs. registering a new legal entity” to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a ready made company.