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International business companies in Seychelles

The island nation of Seychelles has gained independence from the British Crown in the early 70-ies of the last century. Traditionally, the nation’s economy was based on agriculture and fishing. However, today, the Republic of Seychelles is a well-established international financial centre. This is a thriving field of financial services and tourism industry.

Modern banking institutions, including government, commercial and offshore banks, operate on the territory of the Seychelles jurisdiction. The applicable legislation allows registration of international offshore companies.

Types of international companies in Seychelles

There are several organizational forms of international companies available for foreign investors and entrepreneurs in Seychelles. In particular:

  • International business company;
  • Limited liability partnership;
  • Licensed company.

The legal organizational structure and allowed activities of international companies of all the types in Seychelles are governed by the following legislative acts:

  • The legislative act on international business;
  • The legislative act on international companies;
  • The companies law.

An international business company in Seychelles

This kind of international companies remains the most popular among the foreign entrepreneurs and investors. The main advantages of this legal form are the absence of requirements to the manager’s resident status and a declared nature of a share capital. It must be noted that the government imposes some limitations for international business companies. In particular they are not allowed to:

  • Carry out any economic or other commercial activity on the territory of the state, as well as to make financial transactions with the involvement of local population;
  • Purchase real estate on the territory of the islands in the name of the international business company.

This legal form provides for the minimum registration requirements and very low rates of annual stamp duty.

Licensed companies

This kind of international companies in Seychelles has a resident status, and the company’s incomes obtained on the territory of the country are subject to taxation on the usual terms. At the same time, the tax residency status provides a preferential access to the international markets of Asia, Africa, India and China.

There is also a possibility to optimize tax payments at the international level owing to the bilateral double taxation agreements. Licensed companies can carry out their commercial and business activities both outside the country and on its local market.

Limited liability partnerships

Limited liability partnerships are mostly used with the purpose of efficient acquisition and further distribution of the generated incomes. The main advantage of this legal form is the limited liability of the founders.

Expert advice:

International experts in the sphere of tax jurisdictions recommend using offshore companies in Seychelles for developing vast markets in Asia, Africa, India and China. These markets are available on preferential terms for offshore companies as the Republic of Seychelles is a member of various international organizations in the field of economic development.

If you are planning to register an offshore company in Seychelles, you should take into account that the whole process takes about one working week. Moreover, in the case of turning to us, you can become the owner of an international company registered in Seychelles, only by visiting our office in Dubai or sending all the necessary forms by e-mail.

Purchasing a ready-made or a “shelf” company

In fact, it is an offshore company that has undergone the state registration procedure and is ready to carry out economic and commercial activities on the territory of an offshore jurisdiction. Such an approach to creating an international business scheme ensures significant time savings in the incorporation of an offshore formation.

You can buy either a newly established or a well tried (i.e. existing for some time already) ready-made company in Seychelles. A well tried company is a great opportunity to provide international business with a necessary solidity and respectability. Besides, the age of a company is sometimes taken into account by credit and financial institutions when financing or lending.

The advantages of buying a ready-made offshore company:

  • You can start carrying out activities immediately.
  • Favourable business reputation and history of the company;
  • Possibility of receiving further legal assistance on carrying out business;
  • No need to be present when registering a company and a bank account.


The choice of an offshore jurisdiction and a legal form of an international offshore company requires a clear understanding of all the specifics of the chosen jurisdiction and knowledge of the island corporate law. We are ready to provide all the necessary assistance if you have difficulties with choosing the appropriate form of registering an offshore company. Contact our specialists and get an expert advice.

Speaking about the offshore zones it should be noted that today they remain the most popular and, respectively, effective financial tool for optimizing the taxable base in compliance with the current legislation. The modern means of communications allow purchasing offshore companies and managing them in the comfort of your home. Opening an offshore company in Seychelles is the best opportunity to bring your business up to the international level and ensure higher profitability of the business.